Wikileaks domains that are still on line (2010/12/04 11:36 CST)

Wikileaks domains currently online.

Wikileaks is currently under a heavy DDOS attack from unknown entities.

If a link is not working because of a DDoS attack, just try the next one. A lot of the EU domains are currently affected (03:45 GMT)

Spain********* boom! another one bites the dust

British Virgin Islands
Canada********* boom! another one bites the dust. C’mon Canada — you’re better than this.
New Zealand
Sao Tome

Wikileaks Mass Mirror Project

Wikileaks domains that are still on line (2010/12/04 11:36 CST)

On the rape charges against Julian Assange (I accuse the New York Times edition)

Or why o why can’t we have a better press corps?

The rape charges against Julian Assange need to be remarked upon. Given the obvious motivations of those in power to falsify the charges, the near absence of any concrete exploration of these charges in the mainstream press is both curious and remarkable. There have been no examinations of these charges in the popular press; further it cannot be denied, given what is at stake here, that those charges are a matter of public interest. If those charges can be shown to be fabricated, that, in itself, would be newsworthy. Finding out who is responsible, we will perhaps be able to connect those involved in the fabrication of these charges with those who have the strong motivation to silence wikileaks.  Connecting the dots here could lead to a really excellent piece of investigative journalism, the equal to Watergate.

Some discussion of why these charges seem to be fabricated is in order now.

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On the rape charges against Julian Assange (I accuse the New York Times edition)

wikileaks – 10, American would-be murderers – 1

As of this evening (December 4th 2010)I could still get wikileaks here:

It seems there is a meme out there that wikileaks founder Julian Assange should be hunted down and killed. This noise is being spouted by US right-wing hate groups, as well as some semi-mainstream press figures (although the difference between those two groups is getting paper thin), and they seem to forget that freedom of speech is, like, in the Constitution. I won’t link to any of the pundits that are out there brazenly advocating murder, except to make the very obvious comment that they are very evil, and if anything should happen to Julian, they would obviously bear a great deal of the responsibility and should therefore also bear some punishment if Julian were to be harmed. Of course I am only advocating legal punishment, not extra-judicial killing or anything like that. That would be wrong.

But before anyone goes out and kills Julian they should take note of how very popular he is. Look at the comments from the BBC sound-off board. Pro-wikileaks comments are running about 10 to 1. And I feel quit certain that of the 10% of the population that doesn’t like what wikileaks has done, the majority would not favor his extra-judicial killing.

So, think before you sic your goons on Julian.

Don’t believe me? Just check below…

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wikileaks – 10, American would-be murderers – 1

HOW TO DONATE TO WIKILEAKS updated 7X (last update 2010-12-27 04:39-GMT)

Here is a new way to donate to wikileaks, please do so today:

I have not seen yet an official release from wikileaks that the xipwire site is going to them; there is always the possibility of this payment not getting to wikileaks.  I feel presently that risk is smaller than the risk of not donating to wikileaks, though.

As of this morning (December 12th 2010  18:01 GMT) I could still get wikileaks here:

The datacell link will no longer allow you to make a credit card donation to wikileaks; it would appear that the credit card companies are to blame.  IF you are upset, CALL YOUR CREDIT CARD COMPANY AND COMPLAIN.

Note in comments there is a description of how to donate using flattr.

I have not verified the flattr method with wikileaks; but it does seem to work, and is now almost the only opportunity to donate to wikileaks.

Everything below is a direct quote from the wikileaks site.

Share a Wikileaks release with a friend. Spread our wallpapers. Donate to support vital infrastructure. If you believe democracy and transparency go hand in hand, now is the time to stand and say: “The world needs Wikileaks.”




WikiLeaks brings truth to the world by publishing fact-based stories without fear or favour. You can help support our independent media by donating financially.

Our organisation exists because of the work of many volunteers who have contributed thousands of hours to building WikiLeaks from the ground up. You choose how much you can donate; we don’t recommend any particular amount. Just do what you think is right.

Your donations are vital to pay for Wikileaks’ servers and infrastructure, staff and travel expenses, and for the legal protections and advice Wikileaks needs to operate.

There are two ways to donate to the WikiLeaks Defence Fund and four ways to donate to WikiLeaks the organisation:

WikiLeaks Defence Fund

  1. Bank Transfer
  2. Postal Mail


  1. Online Transfer from selected European and UK banks
  2. Bank Transfer [option 1: everyone]
  3. Bank Transfer [option 2: tax deductible in Germany]
  4. Postal Mail

Julian Assange and WikiLeaks Defence Fund

Bank Transfer – via Julian Assange and WikiLeaks Defence Fund:

“FSI – Julian Assange Defence Fund”
Sort code: 20-77-67
Account number: 93842452
BIC/Swift code: BARC GB22
IBAN: GB86 BARC 2077 6793 8424 52

Via Postal Mail

You can post a donation or send a cheque via good old fashion postal mail made payable to:

“FSI – Julian Assange Defence Fund”
c/o Finers Stephens Innocent LLP
179 Great Portland Street

For the terms of the fund please visit


Online Transfer via selected European and UK banks

Using our friendly credit card processing partner Datacell Switzerland.

Bank Transfer – Option 1: via Sunshine Press Productions ehf:

Skulagötu 19, 101 Reykjavik, Iceland
Landsbanki Islands Account number 0111-26-611010
ACCOUNT/IBAN:IS97 0111 2661 1010 6110 1002 80

Bank Transfer – Option 2: via the not-for-profit Wau Holland Stiftung Foundation:

This support is tax deductible in Germany
Bank Account: 2772812-04
IBAN: DE46 5204 0021 0277 2812 04
Bank: Commerzbank Kassel
German BLZ: 52040021
Subject: WIKILEAKS / WHS Projekt 04

Via Postal Mail

You can post a donation via good old fashion postal mail to:

WikiLeaks (or any suitable name likely to avoid interception in your country)
BOX 4080
Australia Post Office – University of Melbourne Branch
Victoria 3052

We cannot accept PayPal donations anymore.

And here is why

Nor can we accept online transfers via credit cards via Visa and MasterCard any more either.

And here is why


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HOW TO DONATE TO WIKILEAKS updated 7X (last update 2010-12-27 04:39-GMT)

Wikileaks taken down by DDOS attack

Apparently, unknown entities have decided to take down the wikileaks website in advance of the publication of the State Department cables., scheduled for Monday to coincide with the publication in several newspapers of stories based on those cables. So, a DDOS attack is wrong, unless you are the government. No matter, wikileaks had of course foreseen this, and the actions of the US government are at once pathetic and arrogant.

See coverage at the Guardian NOW:

Wikileaks taken down by DDOS attack

Thank you, BP

During the last campaign, the candidates were falling all over themselves, trying to show how they support off- shore drilling, because off-shore drilling can be done in an environmentally sensitive way. Well, that is a lie. Off shore drilling means environmental disasters, and anyone who says different does not understand the risks involved, or he/she is a liar. Thankfully, Obama calls it like he sees it: “unprecedented disaster

But what will happen next? That’s easy. Given the importance of this event, and how significant the British Petroleum lies are about the safety of off-shore drilling, it is almost certain that we will shortly see some leaked internal BP documents about the risks of the failed operation in the gulf. That may occur through wikileaks, or it may occur somewhere else. But it is similar to the 09f9 effect: the failure of a process dramatically increase the gravity of the documents that have questioned that process. Next after that: prosecution of BP officials.

Thank you, BP