Silly Ballmer….(updated)

Apparently Microsoft’s strategy to return to their former profitability after their last horrendous results will be–are you ready for this– to increase the price of computers. No, I really am not making this up!

But I shouldn’t really have been surprised by this turn of events, here’s what I said back on March 29 in my post about the Windows adverts:

“In anycase, Microsoft has been too clever by half, as the saying goes. This is same race to the bottom that ends with a $199 netbook running either linux, or a version of windows that is priced so low there‚Äôs not much profit there.” *

Steve Ballmer could have just read my blog, and not paid all of his marketing whiz kids anything.

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Silly Ballmer….(updated)

A cool device from H-P

Another device that’s similar to the ASUS eeepc: It’s small, light weight and is available with Linux pre-installed:

HP releases its first Linux-powered laptop
Apr. 09, 2008

At the Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit at the University of Texas Supercomputing Center April 8, Hewlett-Packard announced the release of its first Linux-powered computer to be sold in the United States, the HP 2133 Mini-Note PC running Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 Service Pack 1.

HP was expected to offer a Linux desktop, and now it has finally done so. It’s not, however, the Linux desktop that many users expected. Instead of being a general-purpose consumer system or business PC, the Mini-Note is meant for the education market.

Chris Sieger, director of IT Services for Alexandria City Public Schools in Virginia, said in a statement, “HP listened to our needs and now is delivering a product designed by education for education.”

So now Dell and Lenovo are probably the two largest hold-outs from the UMPC market. But, the Dell machine has been leaked, and I doubt Lenovo will hold out for long. Why would they?

And, in a related development, a report that talks about why light devices optimized for Web 2.0 run Linux, not Vista. It seems Microsoft did not anticipate Web 2.0 when they designed Vista:

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A cool device from H-P