On Avatar

I don’t think I’ve commented much on films on this site, which is odd, because I see very many.  I’d lived in New York City for a time, and when there managed see very many foreign and obscure films, and never kicked that habit.  Having a strong connection to Poland that has a real tradition of intellectually challenging film-making, certainly didn’t hurt.

Since all film reviews seem to want to distill any review into a “star” rating, placed right at the start of the review, am going to refuse to do that.

In any case, seeing the broad attention given Avatar throughout the world press, and having seen the film, I can’t resist commenting.

First, a quote:

“If a work has surreptitiously taken you to another world, previously unknown to you, what more can you ask?” — Wassily Kandinsky

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On Avatar

Things to Come..is gone…?


An alert reader has noted to me that the Science Fiction masterpiece of the 1930’s, Things to Come, is no longer available in higher resolutions from the internet archive. I had linked to it earlier in this post: Journey to the End of the Night (H.G. Wells Edition)

There is still a link to a lower resolution version here, though: Lower Res version of Things to Come.

Of course I have downloaded it, and will post here if it disappears from the internet archive. Why would the internet archive remove the higher resolution versions? Of course, I suspect that it is available over in a bit torrent download somewhere.

Things to Come..is gone…?