**UPDATED December 8, 2006, with link to the Power of Nightmares free download from web archive**

Many of you may have received a “History Test” which was really a long rant, which detailed all of the terrible crimes of Islamic Terrorists. The effect of reading this filtered and very selective account of the wrong doings of that group was calculated by its author, I believe, to stir up hatred and fear of Islamic people in general.

So, being a little disturbed by the politics of Fear and Hate (Having just watched the excellent series “The Power of Nightmares” from the BBC, available for download from the webarchive here: The Power of Nightmares), I have decided to put the crimes of that particular group into a little bit of perspective by detailing the crimes of some other groups. Not that I think that the groups I list are particularly guilty of being inherently evil, but because I want everyone to realize how the information that they receive is so filtered.

One of the interesting things for me was the realization that many of these items received rather little play in the US press, which is out there, everyday “Manufacturing Consent” as Noam Chomsky so aptly described it.

I would urge all to forward the REVISED VERSION of the HISTORY TEST back to those who have sent out the original one.

The original, often-forwarded test started like this:

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