What’s not

As of this evening (December 4th 2010)I could still get wikileaks here: http://wikileaks.nl/

There’s an interesting omission from the recent cache of diplomatic cables Wikileaks has distributed. The Nordic countries, all formerly Eastern Bloc countries, other than Russia itself, and all of the Balkans, including Greece. So basically a big black hole from Vienna to Moscow that extends from Africa to the Arctic Sea. It doesn’t seem credible that there were no cables from this area–it is filled with areas of strategic importance, and countries that have been in flux (e.g. Yugoslavia/Serbia/Montenegro).

This omission suggests some type of data segregation, and perhaps reflects an operational division as well. The other possibility (very remote) is that the data from say Sweden or Switzerland, contained unflattering information re Julian Assange or wikileaks and therefore they did the data segregation. I really don’t believe this, but, since I don’t have information, will not exclude that possibility. Or, there is the possibility that there’s some really juicy stuff in there, perhaps that is what the ‘Insurance’ file is–something really really juicy just to prevent any extreme actions by US gov’t, which would not want that data released. Who knows, that is all speculation.

Image showing cables leaked by embassy of origin.
Where is Eastern Europe? Where are the Balkans? Where are the Nordic Countries?
What’s not