Walmart, growth visualization

From Flowing Data, an interesting use of Modest Maps:

Hat Tip: Chris Blattman’s wonderful, smart as hell blog about development which I had browsed before but am taking a second look at it since Dani Rodrik from Harvard made some interesting comments about Chris’s blog.

Watching the growth of Walmart across America – Interactive Edition
In the spirit of Toby’s Walmart growth video, using data from Freebase, I mapped the spread of Walmart using Modest Maps. It starts slow and then spreads like wildfire.

Walmart, growth visualization

Cool Graphics

As a follow up to my earlier posting about Radiohead’s new distribution methodology; here are some interesting graphics, plus a good song. It’s no secret that I am a big fan of that wonderful blow to top-down distribution model they have delivered, some of the consequences of which I had described here.

Freedom to artists; you own the means of your production, and also distribution… Below the fold: how the video was made…By scanning using 64 rotating lasers…

It occurs to me that this is a different type a simulcrum–instead of looking inward and being created synthetically, it’s pulled information from the external environment which is distorted as it is mapped. –enough!–watch and listen)

But it is also interesting for architects/urban planners–instead of a series of 2-D images (as in google street view) now there’s the possibility that google trucks will just go around scanning in information with rotating lasers–and we’d have all that info in 3D.

Below the fold: how the video was made…By scanning using 64 rotating lasers…

Hat Tip: La Petite Claudine

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Cool Graphics