Wikileaks has a Lot of Friends

Well, from a start of just a few days ago, wikileaks facebook group has 1,192,279 likes.  That’s alot of likes.  They should stop calling everyone who supports wikileaks a terrorist.

Brazil’s president, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva is one, apparently.

Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva has criticised the arrest of the Wikileaks founder Julian Assange as “an attack on freedom of expression”.

President Lula said the internet publication of secret US cables had “exposed a diplomacy that appeared untouchable”.

He also criticised other governments for failing to condemn the arrest.

Mr Assange was detained in the UK on Tuesday over alleged sex offences in Sweden.

“They have arrested him and I don’t hear so much as a single protest for freedom of expression”, President Lula said at a public event in Brasilia.

Wikileaks has a Lot of Friends

Brazil Moves Forward

Well, as expected, another country has joined Thailand in threatening to “break the patent” for Merck’s Efavirenz. Bloomberg has some reporting of the dispute, and it’s filled with sideways adjectives describing the dispute in a quite stilted way. But this is to be expected, after all someone is trying to buck the patent system which is part of TRIPS. Regarding Thailand’s initial efforts to negotiate a better price for Efavirenz, I had observed earlier that Dr. Mongkol Na Songkhla is amazingly stupid or, in the unthinkable alternative, the Financial Times is biased and it is clear that the unthinkable alternative is the one that is aligned with reality. So here we go again.

But the real bias in this reporting comes mainly from what is omitted, rather than what is said. For example, from this reporting it seems that Brazil just pulled the price of 65 cents a pill out of thin air when they were just asking for the exactly the same price Thailand is getting. You can think what you want about what Brazil is doing, but it is crystal clear that Bloomberg is withholding relevant information. There’s also some basic background missing, which I’ll supply from another source below the fold.
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Brazil Moves Forward