The 28th Amendment is needed. Now. Just do it.

At Yes magazine, there is an article about the recent disaster decision in Citizens United v. Federal Elections Commission which outlines several possible solutions to the imminent sell-out of the USA to a few powerful corporations.  They are all half-measures, full of unintended consequences, and inadvertent loopholes, except for one.  The one real solution, that would also solve many other problems, is to amend the constitution so that Corporations don’t have all of the rights of natural people. It is just barely possible that the critical momentum to do it is available now.

This needs to be the number one priority of all progressives, everywhere.  Without it, healthcare reform, public accountability for things like wars and poor disaster responsee, will all collapse or become captured by the industries they would otherwise regulate, under the overwhelming pressure of the avalanche of Corporate money that will certainly rain down.  Note that a US subsidiary of a foreign Corporation will be a loophole through which a foreign government can begin to have their influence felt.  Students of history should remember the collapse of the elected monarchy of Poland as a possible example of what can happen to an electoral process, when it can be corrupted by an unlimited flow of foreign capital.

1. Amend the U.S. Constitution to declare that corporations are not persons and do not have the rights of human beings. Since the First Amendment case for corporate spending as a free speech right rests on corporations being considered “persons,” the proposed amendment would strike at the core of the ruling’s justification. The push for the 28th Amendment is coming from the grassroots, where a prairie fire is catching on from groups such as Public Citizen, Voter Action, and the Campaign to Legalize Democracy.

Another excellent article, documenting both Justice Alito’s poor behavior towards President Obama and his hypocrisy in his holding in that decision is here: Thank You, Justice Alito by E. J. Dionne.

The 28th Amendment is needed. Now. Just do it.