Did Tim Wilson get the same memo as Amy Kazmin?

Well it appears that the Financial Times is not alone in mentioning that the Thai government is not a democracy every time they discuss the mandatory licensing issue. It seems as if there might be a co-ordinated talking point memo out there somewhere, no?

Tariffs the real barrier to HIV treatment

By Tim Wilson

The close of the International Aids Society Conference in Sydney ended the publicity train of posturing activists and non-government organisations. In the conference’s wake, it is time to refocus on ensuring access to HIV/AIDS medicines for the world’s poor through real solutions, not political catchphrases.

Two groups particularly active last week in Sydney have provided poignant examples of how discussion about serious science and public policy can be outshined by ideological PR campaigns.

The executive director, Andrew Hewett, argued in ABC News Online that Thailand provides a “model” for dealing with treatment of HIV/AIDS.

What exactly is that model? The military junta which seized control of Thailand earlier this year [emphasis added by EF] has nationalised the patents of a series of vital drugs.

Australian Broadcasting Corporation is to be applauded in one respect though: this piece is clearly marked as an opinion piece, whereas in the Financial Times, similar text was run as part of a news story.
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Did Tim Wilson get the same memo as Amy Kazmin?