Wikileaks, the center of a growing network, fed by the White House [was wikileaks mirrors] updated 6x

Note to readers: I am so very proud of the readers who have been clicking on the links to donate to wikileaks, found in this post.  It is an honor that my site could contribute to one of the great progressive movements of our times.  In fact, that is the number one click from this site, having 70 130 clicks just today (!), so thank you very much, please continue donating to wikileaks.

At this address, as of 2010-12-12 11:54 GMT find a list of 208, 506, 748, 1334, 1368 1,885 sites that mirror the wikileaks content.  Those who want to defeat wikileaks are losing have lost. Big Time.

If the White House wants there to be one million mirrors they can continue their ill-fated attack on wikileaks.  These will be updated and added to, as the need arises. The content is unstoppable.  The donated server space is obviously coming in faster than the wikileaks staff can coordinate.  I am sure everyone’s donated server space will be used, eventually.  Wikileaks, I am sure, is thankful.

This is a classic example of the 09F9 effect. This is named after after the first four digits of the once-secret encryption key (09f911029d74e35bd84156c5635688c0)  for DVD’s.    Recall when the key was published, the social network site digg originally buried the “diggs” to stories that included the key, since the DVD access control group threatened legal action.  There was an immediate and massive revolution of digg users, and eventually, under a tsunami of diggs, the management of digg stopped trying to fight the publication of the key.  They joined the revolution.

That is exactly what is happening now.  There will be a tidal wave of those desiring to donate server space to wikileaks.  If those in power are so stupid that they think they can stop this wave, and they try to suppress it, the next wave will be greater.  What those who would fight this wave need to understand is that their acts of repression actually feed the growth of the network they are fighting.  The concept of moral connectivity that Col. Boyd so well understood is evidentially lost.  Those who attack wikileaks in the method they are now doing are increasing the moral connectivity of wikileaks and decreasing their own connectivity.  Especially, they connect all those who oppose the suppression that they seek to enforce.

Or to put it in terms everyone can understand: There is a fire, and you have a fire hose that is feed with gasoline.  Is it smart to use the hose?  I think it is not.   Apparently there are those in the administration who think it is.   What do they get?

Wikileaks, the center of a growing network, fed by the White House [was wikileaks mirrors] updated 6x

3 thoughts on “Wikileaks, the center of a growing network, fed by the White House [was wikileaks mirrors] updated 6x

  1. On December 5, 2010 Bryan Suits discussed WikiLeaks. He is a talk show host on KFI-640 Radio. According to Bryan Suits DARK SECRET PLACE the major fallout of Wikileaks is mostly embarrassment rather than national security. Airing dirty laundry that simply confirms what everybody really suspects anyway.

    KFI does eventually post its Podcasts, but the December 5, 2010 podcast has not yet been posted. I also assume that it will soon be available, but only for a short period of time.

  2. The idea that this was mostly embarrassment is true, esp. for the USA. Most items were open secrets, for example, did anyone really believe that Yemen had a platform for delivering Hellfire missiles?

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