On the rape charges against Julian Assange (I accuse the New York Times edition)

Or why o why can’t we have a better press corps?

The rape charges against Julian Assange need to be remarked upon. Given the obvious motivations of those in power to falsify the charges, the near absence of any concrete exploration of these charges in the mainstream press is both curious and remarkable. There have been no examinations of these charges in the popular press; further it cannot be denied, given what is at stake here, that those charges are a matter of public interest. If those charges can be shown to be fabricated, that, in itself, would be newsworthy. Finding out who is responsible, we will perhaps be able to connect those involved in the fabrication of these charges with those who have the strong motivation to silence wikileaks.  Connecting the dots here could lead to a really excellent piece of investigative journalism, the equal to Watergate.

Some discussion of why these charges seem to be fabricated is in order now.

The evidence, which anyone who wants to investigate the matter can find out:

  1. We know the identities of the accusers.
  2. We also know that they both had tweeted shortly after their encounters with Julian about their relations with Julian. Their tweets could be described as happy and even bragging. These tweets are known to Julian’s defense team, and can be discovered by anyone investigating this matter.
  3. We also know that neither is alleging any coercion.
  4. One of the accusers is alleging that their was an implied commitment to fidelity, and that was broken when Julian had relations with the other.

This does not sound like rape to me. An interpol warrant has not ever been issued for charges such as these (consensual sex followed by infidelity). It is doubtful that charges would ever even be filed on the evidence thus far presented were this a normal case. However, it should be clear that this is very far from a normal case.

So, given the obvious paucity of information substantiating a rape charge, the fact that an interpol warrant has been issued, the obvious motivation of the current U.S. administration or others in power of suppressing wikileaks, and the absence of any significant investigation into the origins of these obviously fabricated charges by the press,  I accuse the press corps of complicity in the smear campaign against Julian.  They are so guilty of letting a matter of extreme public importance go by, giving the administration yet another ‘free pass.’  Let’s be clear what this free pass is: it is a free pass to destroy a major source of public accountability, public accountability for murder, fraud and lies.  It is a free pass to incarcerate someone for exercising their freedom of speech.

On the rape charges against Julian Assange (I accuse the New York Times edition)

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