wikileaks – 10, American would-be murderers – 1

As of this evening (December 4th 2010)I could still get wikileaks here:

It seems there is a meme out there that wikileaks founder Julian Assange should be hunted down and killed. This noise is being spouted by US right-wing hate groups, as well as some semi-mainstream press figures (although the difference between those two groups is getting paper thin), and they seem to forget that freedom of speech is, like, in the Constitution. I won’t link to any of the pundits that are out there brazenly advocating murder, except to make the very obvious comment that they are very evil, and if anything should happen to Julian, they would obviously bear a great deal of the responsibility and should therefore also bear some punishment if Julian were to be harmed. Of course I am only advocating legal punishment, not extra-judicial killing or anything like that. That would be wrong.

But before anyone goes out and kills Julian they should take note of how very popular he is. Look at the comments from the BBC sound-off board. Pro-wikileaks comments are running about 10 to 1. And I feel quit certain that of the 10% of the population that doesn’t like what wikileaks has done, the majority would not favor his extra-judicial killing.

So, think before you sic your goons on Julian.

Don’t believe me? Just check below…

I have archived the first 1000 comments as a record. I am noting quite a few are being moderated out. I can’t copy clip very large files into word press but will post the file later. here are the first 13 or so; there is not a significant difference in the proportion here than in other sections of the first 1000 comments that I have archived.

# 1. At 9:15pm on 28 Nov 2010, DaSilvor wrote:

Personally, yes, they were right to release them. It’s always easy to trot out the “It will endanger lives” argument whenever some one does anything like this. In truth it is more likely to be embarrasing to have their double standards brought into the public domain.

Then again, I’m English and my Government is equally guilty of double standards.

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# 2. At 9:52pm on 28 Nov 2010, Loftgroov wrote:

The USA is about to become even less popular than it is already.

Seeing as the country is also technically bankrupt, the future isn’t looking bright on the other side of the Atlantic.

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# 3. At 9:53pm on 28 Nov 2010, Steve Linton wrote:

Assange apparently challenged the US to identify one specific individual who would be endangered — they went all snooty and refused to talk to him.

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# 4. At 9:53pm on 28 Nov 2010, uncivil wrote:

The one life that is most certainly at risk is that of Julian Assange

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# 5. At 10:11pm on 28 Nov 2010, Robert Warstein wrote:

Since the US owns most of the press, especially in Anglo Saxon countries, we need a balance. For ‘US’ read, the global financiers, who’ve taken over the US, not any ordinary Americans. They are fast to focus on China’s misdeeds, maybe rightly, but sideline America’s and Britain’s. They also tend to ignore or ridicule continental Europe maybe because they don’t let big business wealth do 100% of what it wants, so it might be a bad example to nice well behaved and obedient Anglo Saxons – who tend not to question too much of the given assumptions. They don’t like a capitalist system with human qualities that actually works better. So while I don’t agree with everything Wikileak, I feel we need it until the press becomes less sanctimonious about UK/USA and more balanced.

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# 6. At 10:18pm on 28 Nov 2010, Human wrote:

Yes I think wikileaks is right. It’s about time countries stopped playing the game of risk with all of us and started seeing the world as belongning to all those who live on it.

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# 7. At 10:24pm on 28 Nov 2010, MagicKirin wrote:

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# 8. At 10:26pm on 28 Nov 2010, MagicKirin wrote:

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# 9. At 10:27pm on 28 Nov 2010, allabouttheJDizzle – UnitedRed wrote:

i cant believe the part about spying on u.n diplomats especially ki moon. how can you trust america if they dont trust their “allies”. i’m glad about this leak

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# 10. At 10:28pm on 28 Nov 2010, Stephanni Snape wrote:

America has its share of breaches of international law, it’s just a lot better at hiding them than some. It has been responsible for installing some of the worst dictatorships of recent decades- Pinochet and Pol Pot are just the most obvious. They’ve been helped as often as not by UK- to further economic interests at the expense of the people whose previous- relatively benign -government they overthrew. We’re too good at cover ups at our own top level or excusing our foreign policy horrors then getting shocked at bare flesh. Public inquiries in France or Germany often result in high level resignations, but here they’re a whitewash, a joke, part of the control mechanism.
And we’re very quick to expose an inconvenient individual, News of the World etc., often unfairly, while providing anonymity to the great and the good. USA provides a similar picture.
So I can’t help feeling, wicked as it may be, a bit of sympathy for Wikileaks.

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# 11. At 10:29pm on 28 Nov 2010, CFG1985 wrote:

Yes, absolutely Wikileaks has a right to release this information. We all have a right to know about it; it’s time the governments of the world realised that they can’t go on treating us like children and making world-changing decisions over our heads. And the old “it will endanger lives” nonsense is just a way to make the Daily Mail classes frown and tut and shake their heads and agree that we would really be better off being left in the dark. If the press or the government says anything is for our own good, frankly, it sets alarm bells ringing in my head.

If I weren’t so lazy, I’d start a revolution…

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# 12. At 10:31pm on 28 Nov 2010, Matt wrote:

Yes, they were right. The US is merely embarrassed and the claims that lives are at stake are unsubstantiated. No doubt it’ll go further than make the Wikileaks founder out to be a rapist now though…

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# 13. At 10:34pm on 28 Nov 2010, mark_2002 wrote:

Right without question.

Why is it legal for a bunch of politicians to order their minions to ‘gather passwords, credit card numbers and bio information’ and yet if you do it then you go to prison as a terrorist.

The governments, no the politicians, need to relearn which of us is the master and which is the servant.

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wikileaks – 10, American would-be murderers – 1

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