Netbook sales slow–only 33.6% growth (updated 1x November 17, 2010)

Netbook sales slow, that’s the headline. But they grow almost 34%. That doesn’t sound too slow to me…Another silly perspective when the author states that netbook sales are”surprisingly unhampered by the foul economy.”  Netbooks are very precisely adapted for this foul economy. That is why I wrote back in December of 2007: “This computer is the future, and it has arrived at the right place in the market at exactly the right time. That is being at the low end of the market, at the beginning of a long down turn, and also oozing “coolness”. It’s Tiffany at a Wal-Mart price.” (See post here.)

Netbook Sales Finally Tumble Back to Earth, Manufacturers Retreat

The honeymoon may be over for netbooks. After an astronomic rise in sales following their introduction around three years ago – and surprisingly unhampered by the foul economy – netbook sales have finally slowed.

According to market research firm IDC, shipments to retailers early this year still grew 33.6 percent over last year. That’s growth most industries would kill for, but it pales in comparison to the 872 percent growth netbooks experienced over the same period from 2009 – the industry’s equivalent of a teenage growth spurt. Although the acceleration has dropped, the volume remains significant: IDC claims manufacturers moved 4.8 million netbooks between January and March this year.

Netbook sales slow–only 33.6% growth (updated 1x November 17, 2010)

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