It’s War, or it should be

Wikileaks has been the victim of several attempts by those who don’t like it to kill it.  First, there was Bank Julius Baer who tried to suppress it, but lost.  Then there was the raid by the German Police.  Then there were the allegations of rape by Julian Assange, soon proven to be false. We have the high point of the war against wikileaks: Marc Thiessen’s suggestion in the Op-Ed page of the Washington Post that Julian should be killed.  Then there was the smear campaign to imply that wikileaks was funded by the Chinese government.  Now, the U.S. Government has put wikileaks on a list that makes it difficult to make donations to them. There funding may be blocked, but not for long.  And when it is unblocked, there will be even more funding than there was before the blocking.

It is clear that the Golden Rule is operative: he who has the gold makes the rules.  Democracy doesn’t exist, the Free Market does not exist.   If you think wikileaks is doing a good job and want to support them: too bad, because they will destroy your freedom to vote with your dollars and give them money.  Never mind that you have no choice at the polls because because any candidate that stands for real change is shut out of any public forum and arrested.

Well, guess what.  We’re not gonna take take.  I will and have given money to wikileaks again and again and again. If I have to fly to Sweden with my donation in my carry-on luggage, that will be how wikileaks will get their donation from me.  The U.S. government cannot and will not stop me.

The cowards who are hiding behind these repressive and anti-democratic actions need to be exposed as the hypocrites that they are.

Insurance has a purpose, and a time.  I hope that time is soon. But, when wikileaks publishes its next round of leaks, we should remember all those who suffer everyday because of an unjust war, and hope that this release will bring end of the war closer, and the chances of the start of another war that much more remote. The mandatory focus in the mainstream media just after the last leak–the possible use of the data to orchestrate retaliations–is very odd when one considers there was nothing hypothetical about the war crimes documented in the first leak. Thousands of people were killed who shouldn’t have been. Maybe there should be more questions on the perpetrators, rather than those who have exposed the wrong-doing.


It’s War, or it should be

One thought on “It’s War, or it should be

  1. Caelesto writes “Today around 21:00 GMT, WikiLeaks declared an end to their media embargo of over 400,000 Iraq War documents after Al Jazeera released their story 30 minutes ahead of schedule. These documents, which have been kept under wraps by WikiLeaks for months, may reveal tortures and murders ignored by coalition forces during the fighting and occupation in Iraq. The Pentagon maintained that releasing these documents represented a danger to US troops, but already dozens of news outlets are scrambling to report on what could be a devastating blow to the US Armed Forces’ already tattered image.” Reader Entropy98 points to the BBC’s coverage, as well. If you care to download the collection of files, it’s available as a torrent.

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