If you see something, say something (Jeff Luers answers Bill McKibben)

The question posed over at Truthout is a good question; the problem is that the answer has been provided and is in plain sight. :

We Need Your Ideas: A Call for Direct Action in the Climate Movement

Wednesday 08 September 2010

by: Bill McKibben, Phil Radford, Becky Tarbotton

Dear Friends,

God, what a summer. Federal scientists have concluded that we’ve just come through the warmest six months, the warmest year, and the warmest decade in human history. Nineteen nations have set new all-time temperature records; the mercury in Pakistan reached 129 degrees, the hottest temperature ever seen in Asia. And there’s nothing abstract about those numbers, not with Moscow choking on smoke from its epic heat wave and fires, not with Pakistan half washed away from its unprecedented flooding.

But that’s just the half of it. It’s also the summer when the U.S. Senate decided to keep intact its 20-year bipartisan record of doing nothing about global warming. Global warming is no act of God. We’re up against the most profitable and powerful industries on earth: the companies racking up record profits from fossil fuels. And we’re not going to beat them by asking nicely. We’re going to have to build a movement, a movement much bigger than anything we’ve built before, a movement that can push back against the financial power of Big Oil and Big Coal. That movement is our only real hope, and we need your help to plot its future.

But necessary as such efforts are, they’re not sufficient. We’re making progress, but not as fast as the physical situation is deteriorating. Time is not on our side, so we’ve concluded that going forward mass direct action must play a bigger role in this movement, as it eventually did in the suffrage movement, the civil-rights movement, and the fight against corporate globalization.

The answer has been provided:

Jeff Luers had the courage to see the necessity of taking direct action.  What if everyone tomorrow did what Jeff had done?  Would S.U.V.’s still be so popular?  Of course not. Of course, I am not advocating arson, that would be wrong.  But, if everyone realized how wrong excess consumption was, we wouldn’t need Jeff Luers to function as societies conscience, as mass movement would make violence unnecessary.

So if you see something, say something. If you see something you think is wrong, say it is wrong.  Don’t worry abouut being polite or nice always.  Eventually, enough people saying things will change what is seen as right, and change the social norms.

If you see something, say something (Jeff Luers answers Bill McKibben)

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