Insurance, it is pity that it is needed

Wikileaks feels it needs insurance so it has released an 1.4 gigabyte encrypted file, that everyone can download, but cannot be decrypted until wikileaks releases the encryption keys.

Several thousands have it, and all that will be needed is the keys.  Unless of course someone with some really really large powerful computers spends some serious time decrypting.

Why did wikileaks do this?  With threats being made against Julian by the neocon spokesmen, and the US security establishment, it isn’t any wonder that wikileaks feels they need some insurance.

There are two interesting facets about this insurance file, though.

First, if someone has a quick way around the encryption standard used, (I suspect this is not the case, but don’t know so) they will have decrypted the file.  If anyone can do it, it would be the NSA.  So this release could be an experiment, called “Does anyone know how to rapidly decrypt AES256?”  Probably AES256 is still secure, but who really knows this?

Second, the keys have become a secret that wikileaks needs to protect.   It is an interesting development that wikileaks now has to keep secrets.  They might find that more difficult to do than they think!  Those keys would be worth very much money, and it is certain that different organizations would pay very much to get those keys.  How will everyone at wikileaks who knows those keys resist temptation to make a few hundred thousand or so on the side?

And perhaps the goal of the effort to discredit Julian is to drive dissension over when to use the insurance.  The release of the keys publicly would certainly drive down the value of those keys.

We will see if anyone tips their hand that they know the contents of that file, because there would, depending on who decrypts the file, be some limited disclosures of the information, or perhaps renewed attempts to attack or discredit wikileaks.  Since one of these has already happened,  have to ask, is their a flaw in AES256?  Does someone have some real fast secret way of decrypting AES256?

(NB: corrected some typos 10:58 after posting)

The rape charge has been withdrawn by Swedish Prosecutors:

Swedish authorities have cancelled an arrest warrant for Wikileaks founder Julian Assange on accusations of rape and molestation.

The Swedish Prosecution Authority website said the chief prosecutor had come to the decision that Mr Assange was not suspected of rape.

The warrant was issued late on Friday.

Wikileaks, which has been criticised for leaking Afghan war documents, had quoted Mr Assange as saying the charges were “without basis”.

That message, which appeared on Twitter and was attributed directly to Mr Assange, said the appearance of the allegations “at this moment is deeply disturbing”.

In a series of other messages posted on the Wikileaks Twitter feed, the whistle-blowing website said: “No-one here has been contacted by Swedish police”, and that it had been warned to expect “dirty tricks”.

The Swedish Prosecution Authority website said chief prosecutor Eva Finne had come to the decision that Julian Assange was not suspected of rape and so was not subject to arrest. It said Eva Finne would make no further immediate comment.

A charge was made:

Insurance, it is pity that it is needed

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