Thank you, BP

During the last campaign, the candidates were falling all over themselves, trying to show how they support off- shore drilling, because off-shore drilling can be done in an environmentally sensitive way. Well, that is a lie. Off shore drilling means environmental disasters, and anyone who says different does not understand the risks involved, or he/she is a liar. Thankfully, Obama calls it like he sees it: “unprecedented disaster

But what will happen next? That’s easy. Given the importance of this event, and how significant the British Petroleum lies are about the safety of off-shore drilling, it is almost certain that we will shortly see some leaked internal BP documents about the risks of the failed operation in the gulf. That may occur through wikileaks, or it may occur somewhere else. But it is similar to the 09f9 effect: the failure of a process dramatically increase the gravity of the documents that have questioned that process. Next after that: prosecution of BP officials.

Thank you, BP

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