A new infrastructure

A new infrastructure:  http://comms.hackbloc.org/

About Tapatio

Tapatio is intended to be a communications resource for the radical anti-authoritarian community. We have developed a system that can be used in mass direct action scenarios to gather tactical information, categorize that information based on type and urgency, rate the information for reliability, and then dispatch reliable information to individuals in the streets based on the criteria they request (for example, maybe the user only wants information about legal updates, or maybe they want to hear about police mobilizations and medical information).

At a recent mobilization the work flow went like:

  1. An individual, with a twitter account, who is following one of the twitter accounts used by the system, submits a report from the streets via a SMS text message to twitter.
  2. An operator, using this software, receives the report, categorizes it based on certain pre-existing tags (for example: food info, downtown, legal support, etc) and gives the report an urgency rating.
  3. Either the operator attempts to verify the report by contacting a known scout, or determines the report is verified by receiving multiple reports. The criteria for verification is a decision made by the collective using the software.
  4. Verified reports are dispatched via SMS, through the twitter system, to users that are following the twitter accounts managed by the software (associated with categorization tags of the report).

Various levels of access can be given to the system. Some known scouts, sending text messages, can be given a higher default post rating level. Various displays, with the possibility of adding or moderating data, can be made available to groups like the legal team, the convergence space, and the food collective.

We are excited about future releases of this project and would like to hear from you if we can customize this software for the specific communication needs of your action/project.

A new infrastructure

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