ACTA criticism goes mainstream (finally!)

Action on the ACTA front.

At Michael Geist’s excellent blog, a post with a round-up of the news coverage following the last round of ACTA negotiations in Seoul. Apparently the chapter on Internet enforcement goes far beyong even the draconian limits of the DMCA and the present TRIPS agreement.

Abolishing the safe-harbor provisions of the DMCA or similar laws would be obligatory.  The plan of those who favor the ACTA seems to be: negotiate a secret deal that gives those who favor an extreme IP regime, then explain the need to enact that regime as “harmonization.” Will it work? I don’t think so.  The ACTA is increasingly looking to be DOA.  But that doesn’t mean we can be complacent! Exactly the opposite, now is the time to criticize it and bring this process to a halt.

The Obama administration has continued the Bush policy of trying to keep the provisions of the ACTA secret on grounds of “national security”    The criticism of the ACTA has expanded beyond the blogosphere and is now being reported in the press:

The Leaked ACTA Document

As the ACTA story begins to capture mainstream media attention (front page of the Ottawa Citizen, coverage from the Washington PostNZ Heraldthe AtlanticWired), the press release from the now-concluded Seoul talks should be released shortly [update: release out, exactly as predicted].  If the past releases are any indication, it will thank the Korean government and blandly describe the talks on Internet and criminal provisions.  More informative is the actual document that served as the basis for my postings earlier this week.  It is embedded below (direct PDF download).

ACTA criticism goes mainstream (finally!)

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