Another victory

Just when the strong IP crowd thought they’d put in place their draconian system in France, the forgotten principles such as law and justice intervene:


French Council Defangs Plan to Crack Down on Internet Piracy


PARIS — The highest constitutional body in France on Wednesday defanged the government’s plan to cut off the Internet connections of digital pirates, saying the authorities had no right to do so without obtaining court approval.

The decision, by the Constitutional Council, which reviews legislation approved by Parliament before it goes into effect, is a major setback for the music and movie industries, which had praised the French law as a model solution to the problem of illegal file-sharing.

Gotta love this spin by the French anti-Culture minister, as covered at ARS:

But none of that stopped French Culture Minister Christine Albanel, the woman in charge of pushing the government-backed bill into law, from declaring victory, of a sort.

In a statement issued yesterday, Albanel said that the ruling pleased her because “the principle of a pedagogical device to stop piracy was validated.” Sure, there were some minor problems—like the fact that the whole setup violated the 1789 Rights of Man—but such defects can be corrected.

Another victory

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