Facebook as the NSA for the RIAA

It seems facebook has started blocking links to torrents not only on user pages, but in their emails. Another example of a corporation taking rights away from individuals. This wouldn’t be possible IF net-neutrality legislation were in effect. But it’s not so kiss your freedoms goodbye:


Facebook has controversially taken action against The Pirate Bay, blocking members from distributing its file-sharing links through its site. However, legal experts tell Wired that the social networking giant may have gone too far, as it not only blocks links to torrents published publicly on member profile pages, but it also blocks private messages that may contain them, too.

“This raises serious questions about whether Facebook is in compliance with federal wiretapping law,” said Kevin Bankston, a lawyer with the Electronic Frontier Foundation. As the report points out, Facebook private messages are governed by the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, which prevents communications providers from intercepting users’ messages-unless it’s for security or legal purposes. The sniffing of emails to serve ads or filter out viruses does not violate the act, but “the notion that a legitimate e-mail would be not be delivered based on its content is extraordinary,” says Wired’s Ryan Singel.

In any case heres a link to PIRATE BAY: http://thepiratebay.org/

Facebook as the NSA for the RIAA

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