Evidence of the decreasing moral connectivity of the strong IP noise machine

The recent court case lost by the two founders of the Pirate Party has proven the point that I’ve made several times (for example, from 05 May 2007: DMCA–use it and you will lose it, Gang of Eight) that if those who managed, through their manipulation of the political process, to pass unpopular laws, ever actually get around to enforcing the draconian provisions of those laws, there will be a backlash.    That backlash will lead to the demise of those laws.  In the long run, the agenda of those who oppose strong IP laws will be furthered much more than most now imagine.

So the founders of the PirateBay lost their case, and if their appeal doesn’t go forward, the could be in jail for up to one year.  However, note that the entire process seems to have been rigged:

Pirate Bay Judge May Have Been Biased and Pirate Party More Than Doubles

Amit Chowdhry | Thursday April 23, 2009

A couple of days after The Pirate Bay team decided to appeal the verdict comes the news about the connection between the judge of the trial and copyright organizations.  On a Swedish radio station, the judge denied a “conflict of interest” when it was found out that he was a member of the main copyright association in the country.

The radio station is called Sveriges Radio and it is the equivalent of the BBC in Sweden.  Judge Norström is a member of the Swedish Copyright Association and is even on the board of the Swedish Association for the Protection of Industrial Property.  That organization focuses on tougher copyright laws.

So, they needed a judge who was biased, and even then half the charges were thrown out and they could only get one year sentences?

But then next what happened?

Ever since the verdict was decided on Friday, the Swedish Pirate Party membership has more than doubled.  This may give the party a chance to win a seat in the European Parliament.  Over 22,000 members joined the party since the verdict.   Now there are over 37,000 total members.

The Pirate Party organization focuses on copyright law regulation and they keep a close eye on the government.  The party gained some attention last September when they found out the Bavarian and German governments were developing a trojan horse that would intercept calls made on Skype.

Just like Clint Eastwood said: “Go Ahead, make my Day”  We should thank Judge Norstrom for making the election of a member of the Pirate Party possible.  Join the Pirate Party USA today.

Here’s some basic info on the Pirate Party: Pirate Party USA Pamphlet.

Evidence of the decreasing moral connectivity of the strong IP noise machine

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