Obama, remembering a campaign pledge …?

Is the Obama administration re-thinking it’s denial of the FOIA request of Knowledge Ecology? Maybe. Act now and urge the veil of secrecy around the ACTA be lifted.  I did recently when the DCCC called; I told them not another penny as long as the ACTA remained a secret.  Obviously, they had been alerted to this, as the caller asked where I had heard about the ACTA.  I mentioned the Electronic Frontier Foundation and he asked immediately how long I’d been a member. So the ACTA is on somebodies radar, somewhere.  I suspect though that what we are seeing is a tactical retreat, not real change…

Trade agency pledges to review its transparency

March 24, 2009

By Grant Gross (IDG News Service)[1]

The review comes after complaints about the secret antipiracy trade agreement
The Office of the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) has pledged to review the transparency of its trade negotiations after criticism over its recent decision to withhold information on an intellectual-property trade agreement.
USTR officials confirmed Tuesday that the agency, part of the White House office of President Barack Obama, will begin a long-term review of its transparency, including “how the agency acquires information from the public and transmits information to the public,” said USTR spokeswoman Debbie Mesloh.
The pledge to review transparency comes after three groups, Knowledge Ecology International (KEI), Public Knowledge and the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), filed Freedom of Information Act requests seeking details about the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA), a trade pact being negotiated among the U.S. and several other countries.
USTR has denied those information requests, telling KEI that the antipiracy pact is “properly classified in the interest of national security.”
Consumer groups and KEI have complained that ACTA is being negotiated in secret and could have a significant impact on how intellectual-property laws are enforced in the U.S.

Obama, remembering a campaign pledge …?

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