Sites I liked on Feb 15, 2009

I really like this site: what a refreshing break from overly slick sites. Especially like the icons developed for each project:

Here’s an artist projecting future high water on buildings in Bristol, England. The high water mark is based on the melting of the Polar ice sheets:

Meaning encased in a reference object, used to subvert, or amplify:

THE monument to Soviet central planning was supposed to have been a heap of surplus left boots without any right ones to match them. The great bull market of the past quarter century is commemorated by millions of empty houses without anyone to buy them. Gosplan drafted workers into grim factories even if their talents would have been better suited elsewhere. Finance beguiled the bright and ambitious and put them to work in the trading rooms of Wall Street and the City of London. Much of their effort was wasted. You can only guess at what else they might have achieved.(Or maybe the writers at the Economist finally caught up with the artists…Do you think??) The full article over at the Economist:

With Google Earth’s bird’s eye view, you can quickly and easily explore the world’s power sector and compare CO2 emissions from different countries. Visit to learn more.

Sites I liked on Feb 15, 2009

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