Crowdsourcing the G20 Agenda…

As covered at Dani Rodrik’s excellent weblog, here’s your chance to form the G20 agenda…of course, it’s not really very broadly crowdsourced, just to “professional economists,” that is to those who are paid to be wrong about the economy, as opposed to those who are just normally wrong about the economy…

Want to shape the G20 agenda?

Here is your chance. launched today its Global Crisis Debate, a partnership with the UK government aimed at generating ideas for the April 2 summit of the G20.

The debate is organized around five headings:

  • Development (Moderator: Dani Rodrik)
  • Macro (Moderator: Philip Lane)
  • Regulation (Moderator: Luigi Zingales)
  • Institutional reform (Moderator: Francesco Giavazzi)
  • Open markets (Moderator: Richard Baldwin)

The debate on economic development is off to a good start with contributions from Nancy Birdsall, Jose Antonio Ocampo, Arvind Subramanian, and Yung Chul Park along with a lead commentary from me.  I look forward to your input.

Crowdsourcing the G20 Agenda…

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