why not 24?

How to find eee_eff (search engine terms used to find eee_eff)[my comments in brackets]:

can’t play cd/dvd opensuse 11.1
torvalds marijuana [quite a few times–this keeps on turning up weird!]
mad cow disease ngo
no bbc dvd opensuse 11.1
the importance of being patience
“amy kazmin”
multimedia codecs in suse 11.1
the economist magazine cover
“self-regulating market”
linus torvalds airplane crash [well, I guess if he smokes he could crash! I hope he doesn’t smoke and fly though…]
architectural employment [good luck!]
23 enigma [why not 24?]
peter raven beer [it’s probably organic]
economics what is patent forever
patents “brunell”
life without chemistry
where is wikileaks [always try:]

why not 24?

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