Wikipedia, gaining

An interesting development which marks the beginninng of the institutionalization of wikipedia’s success.  RNA Biology now requires authors who submit works to post them also on wikipedia.

Wikipedia and RNA Biology

by Nat Torkington 

I love the RNA Biology journal’s new guidelines for submissions, which state that you must submit a Wikipedia article on your research on RNA families before the journal will publish your scholarly article on it:

“This track will primarily publish articles describing either: (1) substantial updates and reviews of existing RNA families or (2) novel RNA families based on computational and/or experimental results for which little evolutionary analysis has been published. These articles must be accompanied by STOCKHOLM formatted alignments, including a consensus secondary structure or structures and a corresponding Wikipedia article…”

Too bad I can’t track down any of those former IPCentral posters who had constantly criticized wikipedia, even when they contributed to it.

Wikipedia, gaining

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