The real terrorists…Fringe People

Of course it was just a matter of time….

Nuns Put on “Domestic Terrorist” List

Last week I wrote about how some Homeland Security officials don’t think Timothy McVeigh is a terrorist, but peace activists, animal rights activists, pro-choice activists and environmentalists are.

You know who else are terrorists? Nuns!

The Saginaw News reports that among the 53 non-violent activists labeled as “terrorists” in that Maryland operation are two Dominican nuns.

But what is interesting is what criteria had been used to classify people as terrorists, from the Washington Post Article:

The former state police superintendent who authorized the operation, Thomas E. Hutchins, defended the program in testimony yesterday. Hutchins said the program was a bulwark against potential violence and called the activists “fringe people.”

Sheridan said protest groups were also entered as terrorist organizations in the databases, but his staff has not identified which ones.

The real terrorists…Fringe People

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