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What is to be done about the current financial crises? Here are several essays by economists giving advice to the G7/8:

link: http://www.voxeu.org/index.php?q=node/2340

And of course, here is a car company opening a brand new technical center in Michigan. Was it one of those that complained about high fuel efficincy standards or was it one of those that exceeded those standards and built cars that were much less bad for the environment than the competitions? (Well it is a good thing the Japanese will save Detroit from itself….)

link: http://www.businessweek.com/ap/financialnews/D93N85O80.htm

Toyota dedicates new tech center in Michigan


Across the street from Terry Fisher’s BP gas station just off U.S. 23 sits what may be the only good news in the domestic auto industry these days.

It’s an expansion of Toyota Motor Corp.’s new North American technical center, a $187 million, 530,000-square-foot complex that sits on 700 acres south of Ann Arbor.

While the Detroit Three, who long have dominated employment in Southeast Michigan, are losing billions of dollars and shedding workers by the thousands, Toyota on Thursday dedicated the new complex, complete with 300 jobs, many of them highly paid engineers. The company plans to hire 100 more people despite its own sales slump, with possible expansion in the future.

Untitled post (economy)

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