On the decreasing connectivity of the anti-environment disinformation machine

Or Environmental news round-up

Here are several news stories. One is about the boost that green industries have given the German economy, another is about a share holder movement at Exxon to make that company more responsible for the environmental destruction that company causes. The shareholders also wanted to remove Exxon from funding the noise machine denying anthropogenic Global Warming. I’d written about that here, and there is excellent coverage of that web of deceit here at exxonsecrets.org. Another story notes the neologism ‘envirogee’, meaning a refugee from environmental disaster, is becoming, unfortunately, a very useful word. And a story that shows that not all of these ‘envirogees are in Burma–some are right here in USA. Speaking of the USA, what about a green initiative to give a boost to the economy?

Taken apart these stories tell a picture of changes underway, but taken together there is certainly a common theme here: the network of those who are denying Global Warming and its consequences is very rapidly losing its moral connectivity, and although the shareholder initiative at Exxon failed this year, they will be back again and again. There is just too much news out there for anyone to maintain that something doesn’t need to be done.

Note that some of these stories are from the news site truthout, which has just re-designed its website. It looks great. I wonder who designed it.

Renewable Energy Jobs Soar in Germany

Tuesday 08 April 2008

by: Jane Burgermeister, RenewableEnergyWorld.com

Vienna, Austria – Renewable energy jobs in Germany shot up to 249,300 in 2007, almost double the 160,500 green jobs in Germany in 2004.

According to revised government figures, as many as 400,000 people could be employed in the renewable energy industry in Germany by 2020. This is 100,000 more jobs than a previous study had predicted due to the boost that the country’s economy and exports received as a result of massive investment in the renewable sector.

“The systematic expansion of renewable energy is not only good from the environmental and climate policy point of view but also for innovation, growth and employment in Germany” Sigmar Gabriel, the German Minister for Environment said.

Climate Destruction Will Produce Millions of “Envirogees”

Tuesday 27 May 2008

by: Scott Thill, AlterNet

The rise of environmental disasters from climate change and destruction of ecosystems will create a surge of refugees across the planet.

Chew on this word, jargon lovers. Envirogee.

It carries more 21st century buzz than its semi-official designation climate refugee, which is a displaced individual who has been forced to migrate because of environmental devastation. Maybe the buzzword will catch on faster and shed some much-needed light on what will become a serious problem, probably by the end of this or the next decade.

2008 could set records for tornado deaths

(CNN) — Parkersburg, Iowa, is mourning its dead and cleaning up the colossal mess left by a powerful tornado that tore through the town on Sunday night.

The tornado killed four people in Parkersburg and two in nearby New Hartford that night; another victim died Monday from tornado-related injuries, according to local media.

The victims are among at least 110 people killed in the United States by tornadoes this year, putting 2008 on track to be one of the deadliest years in recent history.

The average for recent years is 62 tornado fatalities for an entire year.

This year’s death toll is already the highest since 1998, with seven months left in the year..

Exxon facing shareholder revolt over approach to climate change

Andrew Clark in New York

guardian.co.uk, Monday May 19 2008

A shareholder revolt at ExxonMobil led by the billionaire Rockefeller family has won the support of four significant British institutional investors who will call on Monday for a shakeup in the governance of the world’s biggest oil company.

Guardian.co.uk has learned that F&C Asset Management, Morley Fund Management, the Co-Operative Insurance Society and the West Midlands Pension Fund are throwing their weight behind a resolution demanding that ExxonMobil appoints an independent chairman to stimulate debate on the company’s board.

Exxon is facing a rebellion from its investors over its hardline approach to global warming. The firm has refused to follow rival oil companies in committing large-scale capital investment to environmentally friendly technology such as wind and solar power.

The Rockefeller dynasty, whose ancestor John D Rockefeller founded the original oil business at the core of ExxonMobil, have sponsored four shareholder resolutions demanding changes at Exxon. One of these calls on Exxon’s chief executive Rex Tillerson, to relinquish his role as chairman in favour of an outsider to bring in an alternative point of view.

The London-based corporate governance advisory service Pirc intends to recommend that institutions support this proposal, which is in line with best practice on corporate boards in the UK.
Green Stimulus: Let’s Try Again

by: Dean Baker, t r u t h o u t | Perspective

We should also begin to lay the infrastructure for an energy-efficient economy. This will mean more efficient power plants and transmission lines, increased used of trains and mass transit, and, of course, promoting alternative energy sources. The transformation needed to limit the damage from global warming will take decades and certainly goes well beyond the course of a stimulus package. But a good stimulus package will not only provide a temporary boost to the economy, it can also help set us on this course toward an energy-efficient economy.

On the decreasing connectivity of the anti-environment disinformation machine

One thought on “On the decreasing connectivity of the anti-environment disinformation machine

  1. nice artilce…and its so true….I realized when i came across the fact

    In our world today around 2.5 billion people do not have access to improved sanitation and some 1.2 billion people do not have access to an improved source of water.

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