Another Tipping Point…

Microsoft, after losing the anti-trust judgment against them in the EU and giving themselves a bloody nose in the process of getting their ‘standard’ OOXML approved, continues to lose ground. Here’s a great question from Heide Rühle, Green Party Member of EU Parliament:

Considering that Microsoft continued to abuse its powerful market position after the Commission’s March 2004 decision requiring it to change its practices, and given the fact that it is already the third time in four years that the Commission had to impose fines or penalty payment for non-compliance with a Commission decision, and bearing in mind that the 17 September 2007 CFI judgment has the force of res judicata, does the Commission consider that Article 93 (b) and (c) of Financial Regulation, read in conjunction with article 45(2) of Directive 2004/18/EC could be applied to Microsoft in this particular case and with regard to any ongoing or future public procurement procedure? If it is the case, could we therefore consider that Microsoft does not fulfill the conditions to participate in such public procurement procedure?

My follow-up question: How long will it take the stock market to realize the significance of this question? It’s not just the question itself that I am referring to here but the context: This question is going to be popular, and that means more bad news for Microsoft earnings.

Another Tipping Point…

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