It is easy to make a great wordpress theme

Ok, another new theme, another chance lost.

All that I would like is a theme that is:

1. NOT fixed width
2. Can have light letters on a dark backround
3. Not be really weird or unusual.

It would be really nice, but not necessary, for the theme to have a customizable header.

There are so many, many ways to make small tweaks to existing themes that I almost think they are deliberately not making a good theme! When it would be this easy, it almost HAS to be purposeful.

There are ten or twelve themes that are almost good, but, at the last minute, they do something wrong that prevents them from being that really great dark theme!

For example, all that has to be done is:

1. Allow users to customize the BACKGROUND color of the GARLAND theme, or
2. Take BLACK LETTERHEAD theme and make it not fixed width, (and text color/font customizable would be cool, too), or
3. Take CHAOTIC SOUL theme and make it not fixed width (also, fix bug when long (that is longer than a single line) headlines overlap), or
4. Get rid of the weird quotes, mandatory lower case headlines and overbearing header of the theme REDOABLE LITE
5. Modify HEMINGWAY theme so that it would not be fixed width, and put widgets on the side, not bottom, or
6. Modify NEOSAPIEN theme so it would not be fixed width, and change the header so it wouldn’t be so overbearing. (HINT: in a BLOG it is the CONTENT that I create–if your theme interferes with the content, you’ve done something wrong.), or
7 & 8 Take either: Silver is the New Black or Shocking Blue Green and allow the colors to be fully (i.e., including the background) customizable, or
9, 10, & 11 Take any of the following three themes WordPress Classic, White as Milk, Twenty-eight Thirteen, and make them flexible width, and allow the colors to be light text on dark background, or
12. In the themes Andreas09 or Andreas04, fix the formating bugs (text that doesn’t align nicely) and allow a dark background with light text, or
13. Take the theme ChaosTheory and allow side widget arrangement, and give users the ability to customize the text color; to make IT really super, allow interlaced text when it is link text (that effect is way way beyond cool, and depending on the colors chosen can be very subtle, or shocking…)

Now, they have all the recipes… Let’s see what happens…

It is easy to make a great wordpress theme

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