Vatican’s statement on Global Warming

While researching the previous article, I had come across this pronouncement from the Vatican, which was a long time coming, but is very important because of the numbers that can be mobilized and the wide audience that will now be more receptive to environmental issues:

Climate change int’l concern, a moral imperative to protect environment, Vatican states

UNITED NATIONS (Catholic Online) – Climate change is a serious concern for the international community and an inescapable responsibility for scientists, political and governmental leaders and all other sectors of human society, a high-ranking Vatican official told the member countries of the United Nations.

In a Sept. 24 statement to the U.N. General Assembly session on climate change entitled “The future is in our hands: Addressing the leadership challenge of climate change,” Msgr. Piero Parolin, Vatican undersecretary for relations with states, stressed that, despite various interpretations, the “best scientific assessments” have established a clear link between human activity and global warming, which requires the adoption of a “coordinated, effective and prompt international political strategy.”

Vatican’s statement on Global Warming

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