Radio Netherlands, E_F is banned in China, and another use for an Organ Stop

A favorite internet resource of mine has long been the Radio Netherlands site. It is off the beaten path a little, and doesn’t seem to be linked to that often. It does have mainly original content, not just the re-linked standard fare that can make the web seem like a giant moebius strip. It is available in Dutch, English, Portuguese, Spanish, Arabic, Surinaams, Bahasa Indonesia, and Antilliaans/Arubaans.

An article on web censorship (Cat and Mouse by Sigrid Deters) contains a link to the organization, which allows you to test if your website is blocked in China. A key observation is:

The chances of China allowing more freedom and expressions of opinion in the future are, according to Sinologist and journalist Van Pinxteren, very slim:

“The West has always believed that the Internet will change China and bring democracy. But China has imposed a very strict system of censorship on the Internet, and in other areas too. This Chinese system is very attractive to other authoritarian or dictatorial regimes. For their leaders, China is an example, as it demonstrates that a country can become thriving and prosperous without the population having the freedom of people in the West.”

According to Van Pinxteren, this means that more countries will adopt advanced methods of Internet censorship, possibly with the help of the Chinese.

Of course, with stories like this , this and this, I had expected enigma_foundry to be blocked, and…
I wasn’t disappointed:


Some of the excellent series on Radio Netherlands is their press round up, The Research File, which has some really good writing on Science, and the Vox Humana series. A series named after an organ stop–how can’t we like that? And for Dutch living abroad, or foreigners who have come to Holland there’s Flatlanders.

Radio Netherlands, E_F is banned in China, and another use for an Organ Stop

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