A note to readers, Kandinsky-Munter book, & SuSE 10.0 can be really cool

I’ve not been posting lately–I have been very busy with projects, including selling my house, buying another one, moving the accumulating detris of 12 years, which will happen later this month–but will have a couple of posts before then, but only a couple.

One will be about the complexity of competition and cooperation and the interaction between these two processes. Quite a lot to quote from, primarily Mutual Aid by Peter Kropotkin on the subject, and how it ties in with a really important work by Allen Scott (Scott, Allen J., “High Technology Industry and Territorial Development: The Rise of the Orange County Complex, 1955-1984.” Urban Geography, 1986, 7, 1, pp. 3-45). I don’t want to wing Kropotkin’s quotes, as its been nearly 25 years since I have read his works, and am unsure if my memory is imputing understandings from other sources.

Also just finished Wassily Kandinsky and Gabriele Munter by Annegret Hoberg, which is an edited compilation of Munter’s and Kandinsky’s correspondence from 1902 to 1914. Great book for reading on the train to work–each letter is so short. Very interesting if you are a big Kandinsky fan, and I came across this book while packing (you can see I am being very efficient-reading each book before packing it!), having forgotten I even had it. In any case, it has some of Munter’s paintings, I would think she is quite under-rated as a painter in her own right.

In the mean time, I just wanted to say that for those of you who haven’t tried GNU/Linux, the SuSE distro, really offers alot, and three programs are especially interesting, especially for my children. I do have some reluctance to continue contributing to Novell, but I like the SuSE folks and their distro so much. I have used it so long (since version 5.2 was published as a cover disc for PCPlus in Oct 1998 ) I need to figure out how to boycott Novell without boycotting SuSE. Any ideas?

So the apps I would suggest trying on SuSE Linux are:

– Google Earth, which works perfectly on linux,

Celestia, which is a three dimensional solar system simulator, and would fit in with many educational programs.

Stellarium, which is a skyviewer, showing constellations, interesting artwork, etc

And they are all: FREE!

So, here are some screenshots:



A note to readers, Kandinsky-Munter book, & SuSE 10.0 can be really cool

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