Progress & Freedom Foundation and IP Central’s role model: the Fascist Police State

Solveig Singleton is out there again cheering for the new corporate state whose role model is: China. In this short post she dishes India, and those ‘silly leftist economics’ that arise when the government is something less than a fascist police state:

An entry on discusses the access to knowledge/free culture movement in India.

It constitutes another data point in addressing the question of whether the new Asian powerhouse will be India or China… Initially, one might think that India’s history of links with the Commonwealth gives the country a boost, enabling it to serve as a bridge between Asia and more mature economies….China’s.. isolation, historic and linguistic and political, may insulate the country from the worst of the West, silly leftist economics, while India is beseiged with them.

posted by Solveig Singleton @ 1:35 PM | Free Culture Movement

Of course, Solveig’s post ignores some of the context here, for example that the regime in China is essentially a fascist police state in which workers have little or no rights. This is the government that put down the Tien An Min uprising, tried to suppress information about SARS (and almost started a global epidemic in the process), continues its occupation of Tibet, & persecutes religious minorities (such as Falun Gong), while trying to build a capitalist society. Apparently, IP Central can forgive all of the first-mentioned sins, as long as the society is trying to build a capitalist state, unencumbered by ‘silly leftist economics’

In India, on the other hand we have a democracy, that is not insulated from ‘silly leftist economics’ because it has such anachronistic ideas such as freedom of the press, but still apparently deserves to fail because it does not tow the party line on so-called ‘IP.’

The lesson here is that the if you to insulate yourself from ‘silly leftist economics’ by building a fascist police state, that relatively minor sin will be forgiven as long as you uphold ‘IP’, and T.R.I.P.S.

It is not surprising, of course, that IP Central and PFF admires China, as the prospect of a capitalist system without any of the ‘silly leftist’ ideas like the freedom of speech, democracy, rights of workers, etc. is really the deep-seated agenda of the Progress & Freedom Foundation and IP Central.

Makes you kind of want to pause a bit before buying that new copy of Vista, doesn’t it? (Microsoft is a funder of the organizations which created IPCentral.)

Progress & Freedom Foundation and IP Central’s role model: the Fascist Police State

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